Air Conditioner & TV Setup

How to use the air conditioner and the TV

To use the air conditioner, you will want to plug in a 3-phase power like
so. Then grab the remote and press the on button and hold it until you
hear the beep sound. 

How to move TV Bracket off wall


To Unlock the TV you’ve just got to unscrew the travelling nut, all
the way out and then the locking pin slides out and then you can pull the
TV-out to wherever you’d like to use it.

How to re-tune the TV

So, to turn on the TV whenever you move location, you'll have to re-tune the TV.

So, turn on TV like a normal TV and then when you get to a
new location, you'll have to re-tune your TV.

So, hit menu and then scroll to ‘channel’ and then scroll down to ‘auto
scans’ and then hit ‘enter’ and it should auto-scan the channels.
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