About Your 240 Volt Power

240 Volt Power System

Your 240 volt power system is what powers all of your electrical outlets inside of your float and is used for appliances such as your fridge, microwave and plugging in items like a phone charger or a laptop.

To power this system your float has a 15 Amp plug at the front exterior of your float which you will use to connect to the power at the showgrounds, trailer park or any place that can supply you 240 volt electricity.

A 15 Amp plug has a longer pin than a standard 10 Amp pin. You can NOT plug a 15 Amp Plug into a 10 Amp plug. You will need an adaptor cable (easily purchased from Bunnings, Jaycar etc)


15 amp power plug 10 amp plug difference caravan camping

Please note: that your lights & water pump do NOT operate from this 240 Volt system. Your lights & water pump operate off of a separate 12 Volt Power System.

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